Painting is the expression of the eternal beauty Katherine Arion



Paint on Marble, Tile and Glass


Monoprints on Gold Foil






About the Artist

Katherine Arion is a painter renown internationaly, painting in the style Neo-Fauve, a romantic take on Fauvism with touches of Post-Impressionism. Her subjects are Trees, Nudes in Landscape, Landscapes, and Portraits. Her monoprints on gold foil represent flowers, trees. In Etchings and Works on Marble there are subjects of Historical and Religious orientation like The History of Romania, her Native Country, Angels.

The artist emigrated to LA via Paris where she got a strong influence from the French Art School.

In USA as an illustrator she had participated at some influential events in the development of American Society and Culture ,like she designed the latest Morton Salt little girl which had been used in the last 30 years, started the "Greater Los Angeles Jewish Journal" as an Art Director, drew the storyboards for the Magic Mountain investment, the first MRI machine for Simon and Schuster Publications, the first Laptop for "Laptop" magazine.

As an Artist Painter and Muralist she painted a 2000 sq ft mural for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, had a show and representation for 5 years by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, had painted for the Church of the Brethen the Windows in Stain Glass style as a permanent Public Work. She exhibited in 38 Art shows ,her work been collected in prestigious Art Collections in USA ,in Romania, Israel, France, Greece, Italy.

The artist resides in Los Angeles expressing with pure, vibrant colors, a dreamy vision of her vision of life which she is discovering ecstatically blossoming with wonders.

Katherine Arion painting a large mural